Hollywood Road

images-1A new stage play by Jeremy Webb

A rural Canadian community in 1962 feels the double-barrelled hurricane force wind of Hollywood blast through it’s streets.

Coming in 2016


Ava Copburn is a major motion picture star and has been for twenty years, since she was a child star in the forties.

MarlaNow, in 1961, she’s a Hollywood powerhouse at the top of her game, hoping for an Oscar nomination and part of the fabled studio system at MPM.

Copburn finds herself in the middle of a tabloid frenzy when reporters break a sordid tale of her on-set romance with Hollywood leading man Tom ‘Sully’ Sullivan and a drug bust.

Copburn’s management team and the studio execs have packed the star off to rural Nova Scotia, Canada until the heat in Los Angeles dies down. They create a biopic about Adele Hugo (author Victor Hugo’s daughter who spent the latter part of her life in Nova Scotia) for her to star in.

imgresHigh school English professor Joseph Milton has been teaching kids in the small town he grew up in, Shellville Nova Scotia, for the entire 25 years of his career.

When the Hollywood trucks and crew roll into town to make use of the beautiful and historically accurate locations, the whole community gets stars in their eyes. Everyone wants a glimpse of Copburn except for Milton, who has no time for such silliness. He’s not taken in by the glamour.

Only when Milton is summoned by the production company, with the enticing promise of a new library for the school, does Milton agree to assist the movie star immerse herself in her role, learn her lines and perfect a dialect.

marla_mcleanMilton’s instructions are quite simple: spend the afternoon with the world’s biggest motion picture star, run her lines when she wishes, give her delicate accent coaching  only when it’s appropriate, don’t look her in the eye and do not ask any personal questions.

The following 72 hours proves to be the most trying, traumatic and testing of Milton’s life as he finds himself sucked in to the middle of Hollywood drama.

Copburn’s mood deteriorates when the word comes from LA that she didn’t get an Oscar nomination for her most recent movie, as she had hoped. Things only get worse when she hears from ‘production’ that Tom Sullivan has discovered where she is in hiding and is en route to ‘rescue’ his true love.


Held hostage at gunpoint, Milton learns what life is really like for the privileged Hollywood A-list set. His task now is to keep Copburn from completely breaking down, keep the movie on track and keep himself alive. He learns more about Copburn’s life than anyone should comfortably know and finds his own life picked open by the actress.

Caught in the behind-the-scenes, larger-than-life drama that surely goes on behind the cameras of every Hollywood motion picture, Milton becomes a reluctant pawn in the head-games that they play.

Copyright: Jeremy Webb, 2015