A New Christmas Musical – Christmas 2016

backtree2 websizeBook by Jeremy Webb

Music by Ian Sherwood


Archie Thurston has been performing his one-man version of A Christmas Carol for over thirty years and it has taken its toll. He has almost become the character he has played thousands of times!

A bitter and lonely actor-manager, on the downward slope of a career, that has seen better days, Thurston is trapped in a time-bubble of his own making: a tyrant of a theatre producer who abuses his long-suffering stage-manager and crew and neglects all around him.

Bah! Humbug!

Even though outside it’s the swinging sixties, inside the run-down theatre, playing to a tired and small Christmas eve crowd, who wish they were tucked up at home, tonight’s performance looks like it could be Archie’s last.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis one Christmas eve, Archie is nearing the end of the line. His negativity and unhealthy lifestyle has brought the grouchy thespian to a cliff’s edge, only he doesn’t know it. As the show progresses, the actor starts to hallucinate and forget his lines. He is not well and just manages to get to the end of Scrooge’s story before collapsing in the wings.

After firing his crew for the hundredth time, he settles in for a cold, lonely Christmas eve at the theatre. Why go back to the horribly seedy Bed and Breakfast to be just as completely alone?

As the night gets darker,  Archie Thurston faces his past, present and future all at once.

ChritmasCarol_19sVisited by the ghost of Charles Dickens himself, Thurston is reluctantly dragged on a musical journey of discovery and self-awareness.

During their one night together, Dickens and Thurston form a friendship, learn some all-too-painful truths and revisit some key turning points in both their lives.

A Christmas Humbug is a new comedic, family musical for 5 actors, loosely based on A Christmas Carol and featuring original songs and a score by Ian Sherwood. The book is by Jeremy Webb.

Five actors (3 male, 2 female) plus musicians