Performing Rights

Off The Leash controls the performing rights to all of the works of Jeremy Webb. To arrange a production of one of his scripts, contact, or go to the ‘Contact’ page of this website.

Performing rights will be based on the size of your venue, the number of nights of your performance run and whether you are a professional or non-profesional organization.

The play scripts on offer are:


Cinderella  (A Pantomime)

A traditional pantomime for a large cast, Cinderella follows the story of Cinders as she wishes she could go to the Prince’s ball and meet her Mr. Right. Sadly, her two ugly step-sisters, Citronella and Deetah, have other plans for their annoyingly attractive sibling. Cinderella features many popular songs to get your audience dancing in the aisles and even more jokes,puns and comedic situations to makes the roll in those same aisles.

Thankfully, Cinderella has a Fairy Godmother who knows what to do. Or rather, WILL know what to do when she passes her Godmother exams and gets her full set of wings. For now, she’s improvising.

Unfortunately, Prince Charmain isn’t that competent with the ladies and has to enlist the help of his man servant Boutons in wooing Cinders at the big ball. Midnight strikes and, as always, she runs away, leaving that glass slipper.

Cinderella features a principal cast of seven, lots of cameo roles and lots of opportunities for a company.


Snow White and The Seven Dudes  (A Pantomime)

The classic tale of Snow White and those seven pesky fellas is retold, in Panto style, in this two-act version of the story. Everyone is here: Snow White, the Wicked Queen, the seven guys and all of the traditional panto characters you need – Widow Spanky, Buttons and a extra helping of modern references and great gags.

The show has a Principal cast of 6 men and 4 women; there are the seven ‘Dudes’ that don’t need to be played by dudes and eight featured roles, along with ample activity for a company/chorus.


Shakespeare On Trial  (A comedy of Shakespearean proportions)

Writer Bill Shakespeare encounters four of his own most famous characters: MacBeth, Iago, Hamlet and Juliet up-close, personal and ticked-off, in this irreverent two-man play that explores the Bard’s accessibility and relevance in the world today.

Shakespeare has to defend his own writing as the four fictional characters challenge the author to write in a modern way, arguing that no-one understands them anymore.

Shakespeare On Trial is an 85-minute, fast-paced comedy created to introduce audiences to the Bard’s words and to help those words find an ear today.

The play features a ‘greatest hits’ of famous Shakespeare quotes, speeches and the occasional soliloquy (featuring scenes from Romeo & Juliet, Othello, MacBeth and Hamlet.) The show becomes interactive for the last 15 minutes as Shakespeare calls upon students to help prove his point: “The play’s the thing…”

Shakespeare On Trial is available with a sound effects and music effects CD.


A Christmas Carol  (A one-man adaptation)

Whether read aloud with family and friends or in solitude on a chill winter evening to savor the story, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a very special holiday experience.

Often Hilarious, sometimes spooky; Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been recreated for the whole family.

Tried and tested, Webb’s Christmas Carol has met with fantastic critical and box office success since 2003!

Every Christmas it’s the story that will warm our hearts. Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future will remind us with laughter and tears that the true Christmas spirit comes from giving.

The actor plays all twenty roles in the production, from the Ghost of Christmas Past to Tiny Tim. The script calls for some puppets to play Jacob Marley, The Ghost’s of Christmas Past & Future, however these roles could be played by a second actor.

The production of A Christmas Carol lasts 90-minutes and is available with a sound effects and music effects CD.


Fishing  (A comedy about the perils of internet dating)
Paul Fisher is just a man. A 40-something, single, newspaper cartoonist. He has a failed marriage behind him and a history of ‘going-nowhere’ relationships. Although he assumes there is no hope; he is not alone. In cyberspace there are hundreds of thousands of lonely people all summarizing their hopes, needs and desires in little profile boxes on the global internet dating site ‘’.
Paul can no longer resist the pull of the fishing pool. His friends have told him that unless he joins the site and gets ‘back out there’ to ‘dip his toe in’ he will ‘DIE OLD AND ALONE WITH NO OFFSPRING, NO HOPE AND NO DIGNITY.’
FISHING follows unlucky-in-love Paul as he dives in and swims with all types of female fishes.
Somehow Paul manages to get seven “nibbles” and arranges seven ‘dates’ in seven days. But, Paul is picky and the seven women he meets are far from ideal.
FISHING is about week in the bizarre world of internet dating. Everyone you know is doing it too. Every person you meet every day is recognizing you from your Profile Picture. Every date you arrange is potentially hazardous to your health.
At the end of his seven days, Paul Fisher will definitely never be the same again; but will he have landed the fish of his dreams?
Fishing is a play for two actors.