Shakespeare On Trial – the web-series

Ophelia & hamlet websizeShakespeare’s characters rebel and put their own creator on trial for being boring and irrelevant. Soon it will be on the internet…so it MUST be true.

Shakespeare On Trial (the play)has been touring theatres and schools for 5 years, logging over 500 performances in Canada and the USA.

Shakespeare On Trial is now being transformed into a brand new 10-episode web-series.

Episodes of the web-series will be the centre-piece for an interactive, Shakespeare-centric website that will be a resource for all those poor students having to study the Bard of Stratford Upon Avon and his works.

Watching our 2.5 minute video helps!

Just by clicking on this video you help the IPF realize that Shakespeare On Trial is what they always wanted on the internet…other than kitty videos, flash mobs, and footage of people falling over.

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The play’s the thing

Bill & Clown 2 websize

Shakespeare On Trial – the web-series will continue what the play started… turning students on to live performance, educating them about how the plays can still be relevant today and showing a modern audience that the ‘play’s the thing.’

Writer Jeremy Webb is currently adapting his play into the ten-episode series.

Shakespeare On Trial will apply for funding from the IPF (Independent Production Fund) as part of their web-series program. If successful, SOT will shoot in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Shakespeare On Trial will then be online and accessible to students and theatre-lovers around the globe. “Not the ‘theatre Globe’, but the whole world ‘globe’.”

SOT Imperial Theatre May 30, 13


Shakespeare On Trial is created by Jeremy Webb, award winning actor and director (director/producer of films Wake and Bone Deep) with help from Walter Forsyth (producer of the multi-award winning IPF funded series Everyone’s Famous, 2nd season coming soon, How to Be Alone and The Disappeared), Andrew Bush (Everyone’s Famous, Funny or Die, Picnicface and Rollertown) and Jonathan Torrens (Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D and Jonovision).

Some nice things that were said about Shakespeare On Trial

Ophelia websize

“Shakespeare on Trial gets a lot of laughs at its audience’s expense, batting us back and forth between drama (“to be or not to be” is performed in full, beautifully) and farce (Ophelia has a beard). You won’t mind the theatrical whiplash: it’s all in the service of taking the Immortal Bard down a peg (and maybe, possibly, raising him back up).

Simon Henderson and Jeremy Webb are superb as Shakespeare and everyone else, respectively. And although it would have been easy to turn this show into an exercise in finger-shaking, Webb’s script never patronizes its audience—well, never unintentionally.

Shakespeare on Trial is irreverent, exuberant, childish and scholarly. You’re likely to leave knowing you saw something astounding but not knowing what it was, exactly”

The Coast, September 2012

iago websize“Simon Henderson gets more charming and more silly every time I see him, the improvised bits between him and Jeremy Webb are funnier and more and more reminiscent of something like the shtick you would expect from Lane and Broderick. This performance also included a scene stealing performance by a young actor named Rowan. It is not (quite) all hilarity, however, in this production Webb’s performance of Hamlet’s famous soliloquy leapt out at me as being one of the most moving, interesting and intelligent I have ever seen. Someone needs to cast Webb in this part STAT.”

The Way I See It Theatre Blog

Juliet websize“A sure bet for all ages. Apart from being naturally comic, they are genuinely convincing— Webb as the great Shakespearean characters speaking those beautiful, famous lines and Henderson as the impassioned Shakespeare nobly defending iambic pentameter and the validity of his work.”

Chronicle Herald

“Brilliantly entertaining! Webb and Henderson are delightful to watch and play off each other with the same energy as Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.”

The Coast