Stuff and Nonsense

Pic david CroppedStuff and Nonsense is a delightful 45-minute physical theatre piece created and performed by David Hughes. This simple and beautifully premised piece of whimsy premiered in 1997 at the Fredericton Playhouse Theatre.

“Take kids to see it; they’ll rarely have a better chance to see what real theatre can be.”      The NB Telegraph Journal

IMG_1604 websizeThe stage is littered with very special props: a butterfly net, a vase of flowers, a violin, a magician’s table and a big, silver garbage can, to name a few. An old guy appears. One one one he embarks on an adventure with each of the props, triggering memories, imagination, tears and laughter.

David Hughes has been a theatre professional for 50 years, working across the East Coast, including appearances at Neptune Theatre, Live Bait Theatre, 2b Theatre and Theatre New Brunswick.

Karen Bassett has a history of physical theatre training and is delighted to join David on Stuff and Nonsense. “When David asked me to direct it I was flattered,” she says. “David is a precise, conscientious, giving performer. I have always been a lover of physical theatre; some of my favourite shows to perform are clown & dance. Stuff and Nonsense is a gentle mix of the two.”

Stuff and Nonsense is honest, funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always delightful.


IMG_1525 websizeCreated & performed by     David Hughes

Directed by                            Karen Bassett

Stage Managed by                Cat MacKeigan

Produced by                           Jeremy Webb

In association with Off The Leash Creative


Off The Leash is thrilled to represent Stuff and Nonsense.



The Stuff and Nonsense team

Karen smallKaren smallKaren Bassett is a theatre artist working professionally for the past seventen years.  Her beginnings were with the dynamic physical theatre company theIrondale Ensemble Project , where she co-wrote and performed in dozens of new theatre productions. Karen has been nominated for three Nova Scotia theatre awards: for play writing (Thrive and Heroine) and performance (By the Dark of the Moon).

Her work has been seen in theatres across Canada and all the way to the Fijian Islands.

Her professional affiliations include two performance unions: ACTRA and the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association; two playwriting associations: the Playwright’s Atlantic Resource Centre, , and the Playwright’s Guild of CanadaPerform Nova Scotia, and Fight Directors Canada.

Karen likes things in theatre that are beautiful,  authentic, and funny and that’s why she is so happy to work with David Hughes.


headshots 002David Hughes’ first appearance on stage was in the Grade 1 production of Peter Rabbit at Lord Kitchener Elementary School in Vancouver.  He was part of the ensemble, a group of sparrows.  (Hughes suspects he was chosen for his looks rather than his acting talent.)  In Grade 2 he was cast as a wounded soldier for a Remembrance Day presentation.  This time he had the good fortune to be the only one who could supply the correct costume–a Lance Corporal’s cap and bandolier from his father, with a sling from the school’s First Aid kit.  Then, in high school, he played the Bosun in HMS Pinafore, in which he sang “For he Is an Englishman.”  It was noted at the time (and has been noted by many critics since), that though he does not have a pleasant singing voice, he is not in fact tone deaf.


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