Written and Performed by Anne Marie Scheffler

Suddenly-Mommy-8x10Every woman who’s had a baby recognizes the moment when your first name changes to suddenly “Mommy”!


This hilarious one-woman show takes us through every mom’s experience of good times, bad advice, and trying to do it all. From hot dates to play dates, experience the rollicking rollercoaster of motherhood. Because no matter how you planned it… it always comes suddenly!

Written and performed by Anne Marie Scheffler, of The Second City, The Comedy Network, and SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody.

Suddenly Mommy is a laugh-out-loud night out for anyone who is a mom… or who has one.

Off The Leash Creative is proud to add Suddenly Mommy! to our line-up of touring theatre.





sudde_poster_05.indd“Hilariously funny and charming! A comedy about the struggles of attempting to be a super mom and having it all. Anne Marie is very funny and sexy. Who couldn’t love a comedian that takes shots at Supernanny and Celine Dion all at once? …well worth seeing. Good for all ages!” – Winnipeg Free Press


“Anne Marie Scheffler didn’t think motherhood would be this hard. She thought she could be the sexy showbiz mom, with a baby in one arm, a movie script in the other. Her jarring realization otherwise makes for a humorous and entertaining show. Scheffler is a charismatic, sparkling performer.” – CBC Radio


“A one-woman show about trading in the world of manicures and Manolos for toddlers and Thomas the Tank Engine”  – The Mirror, Toronto


 “Scheffler simply sparkles!” – The Toronto Star


“She’s like a young Betty White!” – San Jose Mercury News


“Anne Marie Scheffler is a firecracker on stage!” – Vue Weekly


“I was MOVED!! Like I laughed and I cried… you were completely admired and loved and honored. Your vulnerability was palpable. And such heart! It was very moving. THANK YOU for your incredibly inspiring work. And my girlfriend, who is not in the business, but is a mother of two boys, was floored. She completely related, and laughed, and we had a blast together. Thanks.” – David Ludwig


“You were beyond amazing. Every single beat, every moment was captivating, funny, really profound. OMG.” – Joe Bodelai


On Tour


Off The Leash Creative is taking bookings for Suddenly Mommy! Here are some basic details. A full Technical Rider will be provided upon request.



For smaller venues: minimum three hours prior to curtain.

For larger venues and PACT houses: 8 hours prior to curtain.



SUDDENLY MOMMY requires at least a 12’w x 6’d stage area with good general lighting and audio. Please see below for the minimal and ideal circumstances for this presentation. SUDDENLY MOMMY can be performed in the FULL or the CABARET Versions.


Full Version includes a curtain backdrop, focused lighting and projection. The performance will be professionally installed and operated by the designer or an appointee.

Cabaret Version can be negotiated, if any or all of the elements of the Full Version are not possible in your venue, or if your budget is prohibitive. A simple stage with aesthetically pleasing drapery and/or décor and flattering lighting.


Anne Marie Scheffler

AMS_4x6_300Anne Marie Scheffler is a professional actress, writer, voice artist and comedian. She has created and toured seven one-woman shows across North America. Her play Not Getting It was made into a Comedy Network special for CTV, for which she was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. Her show Suddenly Mommy! has been mounted in cities including Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto. Anne Marie is a Second City Alumna (Toronto’s National Touring Company), she is also the co-writer and co-star of Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody, which recently ran in Las Vegas and is touring US and Canada.

She is currently developing a TV series based on her live shows with renowned writer Rosie Shuster (SNL).

An award-winning screenwriter, she does funny commercials and she’s the voice of Sail The Outdoor Superstore. You can see her on TV, writing and performing at comedy clubs and festivals. She’s that funny blonde girl!