Poster Design by Simon Webb

A film by Jeremy Webb

Screenplay Jessica Marsh

Produced by Jeremy Webb & Elizabeth Guildford

Associate Producer Jessica Marsh

Executive Producer Catherine Walston

Directed By Jeremy Webb

Director of Photography Becky Parsons

WAKE – A short film

Lawrence travels back to Halifax to attend the wake of his Uncle Marvin. He is looking for closure on a past that torments him and, by using ‘the Force’, he finds what he needs at the wake… in the most dramatic of ways.

After an extensive and inventive two-year period of raising funds to shoot his first film, director-producer Jeremy Webb called “action” for the first time in October 2009. Webb had held fundraisers, applied for funding, begged and borrowed money from friends to get the money he needed to realize a life-long dream of directing a film.

Stacy Smith as ‘Susan’ & Simon Henderson as ‘Lawrence’

Utilizing the services of an expert crew and superb cast, the three-day shoot went very smoothly and the story of Lawrence took shape.

The screenplay for Wake, by Jessica Marsh and based on one of six characters from her stage-play, follows Lawrence as he arrives back in Halifax on a quest to face his demons and quieten his past. It’s a journey he has been preparing for; a path that will hopefully lead to closure.

Wake is a dark comedy funded by CBC and Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture & Heritage and by many private individuals.

Wake is produced under Jeremy Webb’s banner, Off The Leash.


3186978We just found out that Wake got selected for the Fort Myers Beach Film Fest and is screening on Friday April, 25th.

That’s exciting news. We give thanks to all who worked so hard on the film.

The Fort Myers Beach Film Festival is back for its eighth year, attracting independent film fans, filmmakers, and distributors to spend four fabulous days and nights on the Gulf beaches of Fort Myers Beach, Florida to exchange ideas, make new contacts, and enjoy some compelling and interesting films encompassing a wide range of tastes. The events begin on April 23rd and end on April 27th, 2014 with events to choose from for all ages.

The Fort Myers Beach Film Festival presents abundant and entertaining reasons for families and friends to visit Fort Myers Beach in late Spring for some of the best films and weather anywhere in the country.



Screenwriter/Associate Producer Jessica Marsh attends Love Unlimited Film Festival, Venice Beach, CA where WAKE screened Aril 15, 2011

Love Unlimited Film Festival Day 1! I wish everyone in the cast & crew could have been there!!! It was like everyone in the audience was in the same sailboat & every time something exciting or funny or shocking happened, they were all expressing it at the same time (“Ooooo! Aaaaaahhh! WHAT?”)

Let me first just say that I really wish Jeremy Webb could have been there at the beginning when all the filmmakers had to get up and stand in a circle and hold hands and introduce ourselves… I know you like to do that kind of thing, Jeremy. I’m sorry you missed it.

They were SO scared of Aunt Helen (Shelley Thompson)!! When she poked Lawrence (Simon Henderson) on the chest, someone said ‘Oh WOW.’ – and when she approached Lawrence at Marv (Cliff Le Jeune)’s coffin, there was a collective groan & ‘Oh noooooooo!’…

They laughed & laughed at Susan (Stacy Smith) rambling on & on to Lawrence – and when Lawrence snapped Marv’s neck, they YELLED (Someone said ‘WHAT?’) and then burst out laughing. I loved this moment – it was a crazy kind of laughter, like they were so freaked out that they had an opposite reaction and laughed instead of continuing to scream.

When Lawrence walks off with his head held high to the beat of Ian Sherwood’s beautiful song, the audience cheered. We’re a hit in L.A., folks!

Afterward, I went out with some of the filmmakers and they had lots of questions about the production – They asked about our incredible DP Becky Parsons and editor extraordinaire Jeff Fish.

One filmmaker said she thinks Wake is a ‘perfect film’.

No one can believe it’s Jeremy’s first time directing film. Everyone said they love it. Tomorrow I am being interviewed on video & then will do an audience Q & A, possibly with another screening. This experience makes me feel, once again, immensely proud of each person who was part ‘Wake’ – I hope you each feel proud of yourselves, too. But I’m especially grateful to Jeremy – for choosing to work with my story, for bringing us all together and then for directing Wake with such an impressively clear, strong creative vision.
Jessica Marsh,
From Los Angeles

We have now learned that WAKE also won Best of Fest Short Film at Love Unlimited. What an honour!!

Wake aired on CBC Television on Canadian Reflections and online at www.cbc.ca/download. It was entered (in a special 12 minute cut) into the CBC TV show/competition Short Film Face Off in 2010 and won!

The prize package included cash, in-kind services and equipment from CBC and PS Atlantic and we are excited to be preparing our second film, Bone Deep, from another script by Jessica Marsh for shooting in 2011.

Wake was also selected for the 30th Atlantic Film Festival in September 2010 and was screened to a packed house.

The Cast

Wake is blessed with a stellar cast:

Simon Henderson

Shelley Thompson

Stacy Smith

Cliff Le Jeune

The Credit Scroll:

Director/Producer  – Jeremy Webb

Producer – Elizabeth Guildford

Executive Producer – Catherine Walston

Associate Producer – Jessica Marsh

Screenplay – Jessica Marsh

First AD – Nicole Close

Third AD – Neil Shaw

Set Productions Assistants:
 Kristopher Anderson
 Sarah English

Art Director – Ian Gilmore

Simon Henderson as ‘Lawrence’

Director of Photography – Becky Parsons

First Assistant Camera – Cam Erais

Costume Design – Sarah Haydon Roy

Daily Wardrobe – Bree

Hair & make-up – Mallory Glenn

Music Supervisor – Ian Sherwood

Script Supervisor – Megan Wennberg

Editor – Jeff Fish, Filet Post Prouction

Music Recording & Editing – Hayward Parrott

Background Casting – Zoe Dunsworth

Locations Manager – Jamie Bradley

Stills Photographer – Ashley MacKenzie

Catering – Andru Branch
 Soledad Gonzales

Craft Services – Kelley Rider

Gaffer – James Thibodeau

Swing/ Dolly Grip – Scott MacDonald

Key Grip – Dave Chisholm

Best Boy Grip – Mark Kenny

Jib Operator – Maynard Harris

Locations PA – Mike McPhee

Props PA – Diane Walker

Set Dresser – Bronwynne Conrad

Sound Mixer – Art McKay

Boom Operator – Jonny Haines

Legal – Robert Aske
 Insurance services – Paul Lipkus, Prime Insurance

Casket and funeral decore supplied by
 Service Corporation International

Hearse donated by Ripsters Halloween Store

Production vehicles sponsored by
 Gary Knickle, Thrifty/Dollar

Floral arrangements – Neville Mackay 
& My Mother’s Bloomers

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With Thanks to: Peter Hall, CBC
   &   Robin Neinstein, CBC Canadian Reflections

VIA Rail,  
Kris Gilbert and William F. Whites International Inc. 
Jeff Wheaton and SIM Video, 
Mary Elizabeth Luka, 
Richard Hadley, ACTRA
, Mike Melski
, Gary Vermier
, Nicole Trask, Film Nova Scotia
, Dawn Harwood Jones, Pink Dog Productions
, Graham Murphy & SCI
, Rob @ Ripsters
, Barrie Dunn

And some amazing folks who donated cash, energy & support: Bruce Klinger, Bridget Bezanson, Brookes Diamond, Jeannine Bakeeff, Jean Ann Stewart, David VanDeWetering, Ann Wetmore, Karine Renton, UNTV, Nancy Regan, Deb Smith, Fred MacGillivray, Robert Zed, Catherine Walston, Christian Murray, Munju Ravindra, Chet Caruso and The Action Figures, Amanda Bewsher, Andree Gracie, Christina Bradshaw, Michael MacEachern, Suzanne Hawkins, JC Douglas, Laura MacNutt, Leigh Ann Vardy, Lori Peddle, Menna Riley, Deb Allen, Ivy Ho, Jennifer McLean, Jacqueline MacDonald, Luckas Cardona

Produced in Association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 

Off The Leash recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Culture Division to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.

Shot on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada